General Counsel

At the Employers Legal Resource Center, we recognize that small and mid-sized businesses and non-profits have the same need for experienced business counsel as large companies but cannot afford the overhead of an in-house attorney. We offer a unique and affordable outside counsel service to these organizations, providing a proactive and preventative management approach. This allows our clients – businesses – to focus on what they do best.

Our business lawyers help companies:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, and court decisions.

  • Recognize and alleviate potential problems before they become substantial.

  • Review and counsel our clients regarding obligations contained in those contracts.

  • Act as a registered agent for all official service on the entity.

  • Form proper business structure to protect against potential personal liability.

  • Provide legal expertise on day-to-day issues affecting your organization.

 Contact us to see how we can meet your need for outside general counsel services.

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