Sham Investigation Costs Chemical Company

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Generally, when an employer decides to fire someone based on the facts then known, the employer won’t be liable – even if later turns out that the facts were wrong. That being said, an employer cannot intentionally ignore contradictory information to justify a termination. Well, technically they could, but as Solvay Chemicals, Inc., (Solvay) recently […]

Don’t Hand me no Lies and Keep Your Hands to Yourself

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A recent case from the Tenth Circuit will have this line from a popular Georgia Satellites tune running through your head. “Don’t hand me no lies and keep your hands to yourself . . . ” Sara Debord worked for Mercy Hospital in Independence, Kansas, as a nuclear-medicine technician. She was hired in 2004 and […]

14 Top HR Resolutions for 2014

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Last week, attorney Christine Cave joined with other Human Resource Professionals in Oklahoma City to discuss the top 14 Human Resource priorities/resolutions for 2014. The presentation was made to nonprofits in Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. The resolutions reflected the collective judgment of the team and included: 1. Learn to use the internet […]

Cats, Monkeys, and Workplace Investigations

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It is hard to see how cats, monkeys, and workplace investigations go together — unless of course you are characterizing your employees as animals ! But, seriously, this past week attorney Christine Cave moderated a law of the workplace seminar which addressed, among other things, workplace investigations. The issue was timely because of a U.S. […]

Moderator and Planner–Christine Cave–Presents Recent Changes of Employer Liability

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This Friday, October 21, Christine Cave will be in Tulsa as the program planner and moderator of “Some Doors Close While Others are Pushed Open: Recent Changes in the Creation of Employer Liability.” It is a course provided by the Oklahoma Bar Association to further legal education and for which lawyers can received Continuing Legal […]

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