14 Top HR Resolutions for 2014

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Last week, attorney Christine Cave joined with other Human Resource Professionals in Oklahoma City to discuss the top 14 Human Resource priorities/resolutions for 2014. The presentation was made to nonprofits in Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. The resolutions reflected the collective judgment of the team and included: 1. Learn to use the internet […]

DOL Extends FLSA Protection to Home Care Aides

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An estimated 2 million Americans will start seeing bigger paychecks in 2015. Under the Fair Labor Standard Act, employers are required to pay employees minimum wage for hours worked up to 40 hours/week and time and half (overtime) for every hour worked over 40 hours/week. Two exemptions to this rule applicable to domestic services employment […]


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The deadline for employers to begin use of the new Form I-9 is on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. To avoid significant penalties, employers must begin using the new version of the Form for all new hires. You may contact Employers Legal Resource Center for further assistance at (405) 702-9797.

Pitfalls of Unpaid Internships: Why Employers Should Pay Interns.

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The history of internships began centuries ago when medical students were required to observe doctors at work in order to gain practical knowledge. Over the last few decades, internships have been used in almost all industries. Most often, interns are college students and are hired during the summer months. In the United States, only about […]

Overtime Pay to Employee/Independent Contractor

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Classifying an individual as an employee or an independent contractor is important has a number of significant implications – it can impact the employer’s obligation to withhold and pay taxes, the individual’s eligibility for benefits, and whether the individual is entitled to the protections of the Fair Labor Standard Act with respect to payment of […]

Employee’s Failure to Record Time Worked at Home Dooms Unpaid Overtime Claim

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It is the employer’s obligation to keep accurate time records for employees. Most employers’ timekeeping systems, however, rely to some degree on the employees to properly record their time — whether by clocking/logging in and out, or submitting a paper timesheet. What happens, then, when an employee fails to report all of his or her […]

Requiring Exempt Employees to Use Available Leave for Partial-Day Absences is Okay

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The antiquated Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has lots of potential pitfalls for employers. Perhaps that is why the estimated number of employers in violation of the act (70%) is so high. One potential pitfall is making improper deductions from an exempt employee (a person with a job that allows them to be exempt from […]

News Article Reports Record Number of Wage and Hour Lawsuits

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Yesterday there was an article by NBC News reporting that the number of lawsuits filed this year to date by employees claiming to have been underpaid has surpassed the total filed in any previous year. There have been 7,064 lawsuits filed this year to date, when the total in 2011 (the previous record) was only […]

Employers Not Held to Higher Burden of Proof to Establish that Employee is Exempt Under the FLSA

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Passed in the 1930s, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prohibits an employer from requiring (or permitting) an employee to work in excess of 40 hours a week without paying the employee an overtime premium (generally time and a half). There are a few “white collar” exemptions that employers have interpreted broadly to avoid overtime […]

Moderator and Planner–Christine Cave–Presents Recent Changes of Employer Liability

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This Friday, October 21, Christine Cave will be in Tulsa as the program planner and moderator of “Some Doors Close While Others are Pushed Open: Recent Changes in the Creation of Employer Liability.” It is a course provided by the Oklahoma Bar Association to further legal education and for which lawyers can received Continuing Legal […]

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