Employer’s Denial of a Request for Bereavement Leave may be form of Religious Discrimination

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Most employers know that it is illegal to discrimination against applicants or employees based on the individual’s religion. But what is a “religion”? Employers may be surprised to learn that a person’s religion under the law includes any sincerely held moral, ethical or religiously inspired belief that “meaningfully occupies a place in the life of […]

Tulsa Company Pays $82,500 to Settle Religious Discrimination Case

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A company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will pay $82,500 to settle a claim of religious discrimination. The Lincoln, Nebraska company, Voss Electric Co., had advertised a vacancy for an “operations supervisor” position at its Tulsa location. Edward Wolfe submitted an application for the position and was granted an interview. During the interview, the incumbent supervisor asked […]

Veganism Could be Considered a “Religious View”

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Although most anti-discrimination laws require that an employer refrain from committing certain acts, when it comes to employees’ disabilities and their religious beliefs and practices, employers may have to treat these employees more favorably in certain circumstances– by making “reasonable accommodations” for the employee’s disability/religion unless doing so would cause an undue hardship. Unfortunately for […]

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