Don’t Hand me no Lies and Keep Your Hands to Yourself

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A recent case from the Tenth Circuit will have this line from a popular Georgia Satellites tune running through your head. “Don’t hand me no lies and keep your hands to yourself . . . ” Sara Debord worked for Mercy Hospital in Independence, Kansas, as a nuclear-medicine technician. She was hired in 2004 and […]

Prompt Remedial Action by Employer Bars Hostile Work Environment Claim

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Once again, the Tenth Circuit finds that comments made and actions by an employee that were demonstrative of a gender bias (“this department would run better if the males were doing the job”) together with other demeaning conduct (ridiculing the employee, failing to make eye contact in conversations, treating her like a “servant”) were sufficiently […]

Tenth Circuit Takes Broad View of What Constitutes Harassment

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Finding the line between the “general civility code” that the Courts have repeatedly stated was not established by Title VII and “illegal harassment” has caused many an employer headache and spawned considerable litigation. Last week, the Tenth Circuit helped shed some light on the analysis to conduct to determine if certain actions have crossed that […]

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