14 Top HR Resolutions for 2014

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Last week, attorney Christine Cave joined with other Human Resource Professionals in Oklahoma City to discuss the top 14 Human Resource priorities/resolutions for 2014. The presentation was made to nonprofits in Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. The resolutions reflected the collective judgment of the team and included: 1. Learn to use the internet […]

New Forms Required by Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Effective January, 1st, 2013

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Background checks can be an important and helpful tool in the employee selection process. However, employers should be conscious of some of the legal issues in both how the background check may be obtained and how it may be used. Employers who use a third party vendor to conduct background checks need to be aware […]

Supreme Court Okays Review of Text Messages Sent on Employer-Provided Equipment

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In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that a governmental employer’s search of text messages sent on a company-issued pager was permissible. The case, City of Ontario v. Quon, arose when Quon, a law enforcement officer, was disciplined after internal affairs learned that he was pursuing personal interests while on […]

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