14 Top HR Resolutions for 2014

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Last week, attorney Christine Cave joined with other Human Resource Professionals in Oklahoma City to discuss the top 14 Human Resource priorities/resolutions for 2014. The presentation was made to nonprofits in Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. The resolutions reflected the collective judgment of the team and included: 1. Learn to use the internet […]

Transfer of Disabled Employee Considered “Reasonable Accommodation”

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Employers by now should be well aware of their obligation to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. What is considered “reasonable” however, is the subject of much debate, especially when it comes to transferring individuals into open positions — often ahead of other, arguably more qualified applicants. Recently, the US Court of Appeals for […]

Indefinite and/or Extensive Leaves of Absence not Required by the ADA

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In a recent case, Robert v. Board of County Commissioners of Brown County, Kansas, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals addressed the issue of what an employer can and cannot do when an employee’s FMLA leave has expired but the employee is medically unable to return to work. In this case, Ms. Robert was an […]

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Employees with HIV/AIDS

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At the end of June, the United States Department of Justice issued an informational paper addressing the interplay between the Americans with Disabilities Act and Persons with HIV/AIDS and answering commonly asked questions. The informational piece first looks at the ADA’s definition of a disability and concludes that individuals with HIV, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, […]

Accommodations not Necessary to Create More or Better Opportunities, Just Same Opportunites as Non-Disabled

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In a recent case that arose in the context of equal housing opportunities, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals looked at how the statutory purpose behind providing reasonable accommodations limits how far an entity must go in providing such accommodations. The purpose of the reasonable accommodation requirement under the Fair Housing Act is to provide […]

Moderator and Planner–Christine Cave–Presents Recent Changes of Employer Liability

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This Friday, October 21, Christine Cave will be in Tulsa as the program planner and moderator of “Some Doors Close While Others are Pushed Open: Recent Changes in the Creation of Employer Liability.” It is a course provided by the Oklahoma Bar Association to further legal education and for which lawyers can received Continuing Legal […]

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