Christine Cave to Present at 2017 HR Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida

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On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, attorney Christine Cave & Max Dubroff will discuss workplace internal investigations at the 2017 HR State Conference in Orlando, Florida. The presentation provides HR professionals useful and practical information for completing internal investigations in the workplace as illustrated through their book, “Workplace Internal Investigations: A Novel Approach.” Employers needing assistance on internal investigation should contact the attorneys at Employers Legal Resource Center at 405.702.9797. To purchase a copy of the book today, please follow the link below!


Interesting History: National Labor Union Demands Eight-Hour Workday

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Over 150 years ago, a newly organized National Labor Union (NLU) was launched to persuade Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday. The organization was a pioneer coalition of skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, and reformers geared toward creating pressure on Congress to enact labor reforms that would ultimately change the American political and economic system. NLU failed to pressure Congress to shorten the workday; however its efforts heightened public awareness of labor issues and increased public support for labor reform in the 1870s and 1880s.

Although some jurisdictions limit the workday to eight hours before an employer must pay a penalty (overtime), federal law is still more flexible. In 1938, Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), limiting the total number of hours an employee could work in a week to 44.  The FLSA was subsequently amended to limit the workweek to 40 hours

Employers’ Corner: ELRC Provides Advice & Consulting

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The Employers Legal Resource Center provides consulting and advice on a wide variety of employment and business-related legal matters including employee/independent contractor classification, overtime and other wage & hour issues, employee hiring (including background checks), requests for accommodation, drug testing, leave of absence, complaints of harassment or discrimination, employee discipline and termination.

Attorneys at the Employers Legal Resource Center stay abreast of changes in the law as well as best business practices.  Our attorneys  stay in contact with the businesses with whom they regularly work regarding changes that may affect them, contact the attorneys at ELRC today at 405.702.9797

ELRC Offers Employers Customized Supervisor Trainings

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Your supervisor is essential to minimizing your risks of workplace discrimination/harassment, and occupational hazards, as well as enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity in your organization. Therefore, ELRC recommends employers train their Supervisors on these types, as well as the FMLA, and how to address medical issues in the workplace. ELRC will customize training for your organization’s specific needs.

If you would like information about ELRC’s supervisor trainings, contact the attorneys at Employers Legal Resource Center at 405.702.9797.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Independence Day!

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“For you have been called to live in freedom. Use your freedom to serve one another humbly in love.” – Galatians 5:13

Employers Legal Resource Center will be closed to observe the Fourth of July holiday on Tuesday. Will re-open and resume normal operating hours on Wednesday, July 5.

Employers’ Corner: Reasonable Accommodations under the ADA

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee or applicants with a disability. The law also requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for the physical or mental limitations of a qualified employee or applicant. So what types of accommodation might an employer have to provide under ADA? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) offers the following examples

  • Job restructuring
  • Part-time or modified work schedule
  • Leave of absence
  • Acquiring equipment
  • Changing policies
  • Modification to training programs
  • Reassignment to a vacant position

Identifying what accommodation is reasonable given your unique circumstances can prove to be challenging. Add to that legal requirements and restrictions that apply to the accommodation process.

If you would like guidance on how to navigate a request for accommodations, develop policies & procedures, or need information about the interplay between the ADA, FMLA, and Workers’ Compensation Leave laws, contact the attorneys at Employers Legal Resource Center at (405) 702-9797.

Employee’s Perspective: Inspiring Loyalty

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“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.” – Mary Kay Ash

Not too long ago, I read an online survey that managers are the number one reason employees leave their jobs. It’s not surprising that managers are critical to the success of the manager-employee relationship, which is apparently the building block of learning and development in firms. So, how do you take a proactive approach to boost morale and cultivate employee relations and make sure you keep your star players from walking away? Based on my perspective, here are a few ways managers can connect with employees and inspire loyalty:

  • It seems like a no-brainer, but make time for them. Talk with your employee about his career and ask whether he is happy where he is at.
  • Do not micromanage – don’t consistently try to control every inch or you will quickly dissolve trust in your team. If you feel the need to micromanage your employee, evaluate your standards & be aware of the expectations you set. Are they too high? Too low?
  • Provide opportunities for growth. Lack of development is often the fuel that leads to early exits!
  • Ask your staff whether they feel they are utilizing their strengths in their roles.
  • What “perks” in the workplace can you offer your employees? Employers need to be competitive to retain employees.
  • Always show appreciation; a quick note of encouragement goes a long way!

Employees need to know that they are important and valued. What are some ways you are connecting with your employees or boosting morale to inspire loyalty?

ELRC Offers Proactive Employment Law Audits

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One of the best ways to root out issues, deficiencies, and to determine your organization’s level of risk with state and federal laws in the employment field is to conduct a periodic employment law audit. During the audit, an attorney from Employers Legal Resource Center will review, among other things, your company’s processes and policies related to the hiring process, establishment of pay, postings, record-keeping, and document retention, as well as, employee promotion, evaluation, discipline and termination. Contact the attorneys at Employers Legal Resource Center at 405.702.9797 for assistance.

ELRC’s Legal Intern Passes Texas State Bar Exam

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Zino Magbegor, a long-time legal intern with Employers Legal Resource Center, recently passed her Texas Board of Law Examination and was sworn into the Texas Bar Association. Her colleagues, attorneys Tina Izadi, Christine Cave, and paralegal Tari Larkins are excited to celebrate this amazing achievement with her and are excited to continue working with her in her new role as attorney at law!


Warm Weather Dress Code

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Crop tops, halter tops, flip flops, oh, my! With spring in the air and summer just around the corner, it’s the time of year when many people are more relaxed. People begin to enjoy long weekends, vacations, and lazy days. During the hot summer days, employees often prefer to wear the hottest trends, (i.e., crop tops, halter-tops, maxi dresses, graphic T-shirts), brighter colors, lighter-fabric, and even flip-flops – at work.

Because not all casual clothing is appropriate for the office, a dress code is critical. When it comes to implementing a summer dress code policy, make it as straightforward and specific as possible to ensure successful compliance. Specify what type of attire is inappropriate and what is considered too casual. Pictures can be helpful. When you’re specific, it minimizes the ambiguity over of what is inappropriate or too casual for the work environment.

If your company does not have a company dress code policy or needs to update one, contact the attorneys at Employers Legal Resource Center at 405.702.9797 for assistance.

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