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Employers Legal Resource Center Closed for Labor Day

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Although frequently considered the unofficial last day of summer, Labor Day’s origins are a celebration of the contributions and achievements of American workers.  Indeed, our businesses most valuable resources.  If you want to sound smart at your Labor Day barbeque, you might toss around some of these interesting Labor Day facts: Labor Day isn’t a […]

Employers Legal Resource Center is On the Move!

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On Tuesday, September 2, Employers Legal Resource Center will be relocating our offices.  We’ll just be downstairs from our current space but all of our contact information is the same! (Does anyone else want to wager on how many people will wander aimlessly on the second floor looking for a suite 250 that is now […]

This Day in History: National Labor Union Demands Eight-Hour Workday

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148 years ago today, a newly organized National Labor Union (NLU) was launched to persuade Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday.  The organization was a pioneer coalition of skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, and reformers geared toward creating pressure on Congress to enact labor reforms which would ultimately change the American political and economic system. […]

Christine Cave met with leaders from Oklahoma non-profits to discuss “bad apples” in the workplace

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On Wednesday, August 13, Christine Cave met with leaders from Oklahoma non-profits to discuss “bad apples” in the workplace.  The training was hosted by Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.  The group discussed how to ramp up screening efforts to weed out individuals with incompatible characteristics before they infiltrate the workplace.  Ms. Cave also reviewed several ways […]

OESC Announces Lower Unemployment Tax Rate in 2015 for Oklahoma Employers

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The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) recently announced that most Oklahoma businesses can expect to pay lower unemployment taxes in 2015. According to the OESC newsletter, these lower rates represent a stronger and stable unemployment insurance (UI) trust fund and lower UI benefit payments over the past few years. Therefore, tax rates for Oklahoma employers […]

Christine Cave Speaks on Standards of Excellence for Nonprofits in Tulsa, OK

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Today, August 5, 2014, attorney Christine Cave will speak on the best practices for non-profit organizations in the area of Finances, Human Resources, and Legal Compliance. The presentation is part of the Standards of Excellence series sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. For more information about the series and what it can do to […]

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