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Employee Fired After Calling Manager a “d*ck” Denied Unemployment Benefits

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It has happened to everyone.  You sit down for lunch, maybe pop open a magazine, and in walks a customer needing help.  Of course, good customer service means you readily help the customer.  Apparently Mr. Jeffrey Broyles, a used car manager, didn’t do that.  According to his boss, Mr. Broyles heaved a big sigh, copped […]

Attorney Tina Izadi Presented Two Seminars Hosted by Envision Counseling Associates, LLC.

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On Friday, June 13, Attorney Tina Izadi, presented two seminars hosted by Envision Counseling Associate, LLC.  The first seminar was “Counselors in the Courtroom” and Ms. Izadi  presented information to the group of mental health professionals about confidentiality, consent, and testimony in the courtroom.  Ms. Izadi provided training in the second seminar to licensed mental […]

Tari Larkins Attends the Central Oklahoma Legal Assistants (COALA) 2014 Spring Seminar

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Paralegal Tari Larkins attended the 2014 Spring Seminar which was hosted by Central Oklahoma Legal Assistants (COALA) and approved by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). The seminar addressed important issues facing members of the legal profession such as the “The Role of a Paralegal in E-Discovery”, Workplace Bullying: Don’t Be That Guy”, and “Understanding […]

Christine Cave Speaker on Standards of Excellence for Nonprofits

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This week, attorney Christine Cave speaks on the best practices for non-profit organizations in the area of Finances, Human Resources, and Legal Compliance. The presentation is part of the Standards of Excellence series sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. For more information about the series and what it can do to improve your non-profit […]

Attorney Christine Cave Mentors High School Students Participating in the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State.

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Last week, attorney Christine Cave volunteered her time to mentor high school girls participating in the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State.  Girls State is an interactive and educational program that allows high school juniors learn how their state and local government functions. Students participating in the program learn public speaking skills, run for office, and […]

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