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Attorney Christine Cave Teaches the Legal Dos & Don’ts for New Nonprofit Organizations

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On Friday, February 21, Christine Cave will teach two afternoon breakout sessions at a one-day conference hosted by SUCCESSforlife Foundation, collaborating with Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Christine will cover the legal dos and don’ts for new nonprofit organizations in establishing their financial, volunteer, and employment policies and practices. SUCCESSforlife is an excellent foundation that joins […]

From The Employee’s Perspective: The First 30 Days

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Hi, I’m Tari. Up until thirty days ago, I was a full-time student enrolled in the Paralegal Studies Program at Rose State College. A month ago, I was hired into an entry- level legal assistant position at Employers Legal Resource Center. I was asked to give my thoughts about what those few weeks in a […]

Snow Doesn’t Stop Standards for Excellence Class for Oklahoma Nonprofits

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Today, despite a snowy morning, several Oklahoma nonprofits came to hear Attorney Christine Cave speak for the Standards for Excellence, a program offered through the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. The four-hour session focused on Finances, Human Resources, and Legal Compliance. Christine will teach the same session in Tulsa in two weeks (hopefully without the snow!). […]

Sham Investigation Costs Chemical Company

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Generally, when an employer decides to fire someone based on the facts then known, the employer won’t be liable – even if later turns out that the facts were wrong. That being said, an employer cannot intentionally ignore contradictory information to justify a termination. Well, technically they could, but as Solvay Chemicals, Inc., (Solvay) recently […]

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