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Veganism Could be Considered a “Religious View”

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Although most anti-discrimination laws require that an employer refrain from committing certain acts, when it comes to employees’ disabilities and their religious beliefs and practices, employers may have to treat these employees more favorably in certain circumstances– by making “reasonable accommodations” for the employee’s disability/religion unless doing so would cause an undue hardship. Unfortunately for […]

Transfer of Disabled Employee Considered “Reasonable Accommodation”

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Employers by now should be well aware of their obligation to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. What is considered “reasonable” however, is the subject of much debate, especially when it comes to transferring individuals into open positions — often ahead of other, arguably more qualified applicants. Recently, the US Court of Appeals for […]

Attorney Christine Cave Teaches Nonprofits on Best Practices

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This week, Employers Legal Resource Center’s attorney, Christine Cave, has traveled across the state training Oklahoma’s nonprofits on “best practices” in the Human Resources, Financial, and Legal aspects of their organizations. Ms. Cave has taught this section (1 of 4 sections) of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofit’s Standards for Excellence series for the past 5 […]

New FMLA Regulations to Mark FMLA’s 20th Anniversary

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The Family and Medical Leave act has turned 20! To celebrate this milestone, the Department of Labor has issued new regulations. Okay maybe the release of the new regulations isn’t necessarily connected to the anniversary of the act . . . ! But the point is, employers, you have some new rules! These new rules […]

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