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February 1 is Deadline for Employers to Post OSHA 300A

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Employers not exempt from OSHA’s record-keeping requirements must post by February 1, 2013, Form 300A, the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. The Form reports the total number and type of job-related injuries and illnesses from the year 2012, any lost time associated with injuries or illnesses, and information about the average number of employees […]

Attorney Christine Cave Presides over High School Mock Trial

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For the past ten years, attorney Christine Cave has been active in the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Mock Trial Program, serving in various leadership roles in the planning and execution of the statewide program for high school students. Although her role in developing the “case” for the students prevents her from “judging” the student’s performance, she […]

Overtime Pay to Employee/Independent Contractor

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Classifying an individual as an employee or an independent contractor is important has a number of significant implications – it can impact the employer’s obligation to withhold and pay taxes, the individual’s eligibility for benefits, and whether the individual is entitled to the protections of the Fair Labor Standard Act with respect to payment of […]

Employee’s Failure to Record Time Worked at Home Dooms Unpaid Overtime Claim

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It is the employer’s obligation to keep accurate time records for employees. Most employers’ timekeeping systems, however, rely to some degree on the employees to properly record their time — whether by clocking/logging in and out, or submitting a paper timesheet. What happens, then, when an employee fails to report all of his or her […]

New Forms Required by Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Effective January, 1st, 2013

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Background checks can be an important and helpful tool in the employee selection process. However, employers should be conscious of some of the legal issues in both how the background check may be obtained and how it may be used. Employers who use a third party vendor to conduct background checks need to be aware […]

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