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Cats, Monkeys, and Workplace Investigations

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It is hard to see how cats, monkeys, and workplace investigations go together — unless of course you are characterizing your employees as animals ! But, seriously, this past week attorney Christine Cave moderated a law of the workplace seminar which addressed, among other things, workplace investigations. The issue was timely because of a U.S. […]

Moderator and Planner–Christine Cave–Presents Recent Changes of Employer Liability

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This Friday, October 21, Christine Cave will be in Tulsa as the program planner and moderator of “Some Doors Close While Others are Pushed Open: Recent Changes in the Creation of Employer Liability.” It is a course provided by the Oklahoma Bar Association to further legal education and for which lawyers can received Continuing Legal […]

Time for Oklahoma Employers to Update Their Drug Testing Policies!

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Oklahoma’s law governing drug testing of employees — long thought to be one of the most restrictive in the nation — changes effective November 1. The new law relaxes some of the stringent policy and testing requirements and eliminates the stiff criminal penalties associated with the current version of the law. Among the changes is […]

Employer Avoids Liability for Termination of Employee on FMLA Leave

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In a recent case published by the Tenth Circuit, the Court of Appeals reviewed a Kansas company’s termination of an employee on FMLA leave. The employee applied for FMLA leave for a bunion surgery and supported her leave request with a doctor’s certification. The certification did not specify how long the employee would be unable […]

Workforce Planning and Employment Key Component of HR Certification Exam

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For the past two Thursday nights, attorney Christine Cave has been teaching Module 2 of the SHRM Learning System to prepare human resource professionals to take the professional certification exam. This module focuses on legally compliant workforce planning activites (hiring, supply/demand analyses, employee retention, and terminations) and employment practices (discrimination/harassment). For those taking the Professional […]

Attorney Christine Cave Recognized

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In yesterday’s Oklahoman was an article by Carrie Coppernoll, who attended last week’s training at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits on Bad Apples in the Workplace. Ms. Coppernoll states that the training “helped agency leaders learn how to week out bad employees before they’re hired or dump the awful ones before they light something on […]

Bad Apples in the Workplace

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Last week, attorney Christine Cave taught classes for the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits about handle bad apples in the workplace. The class reviewed techniques to avoid hiring bad apples in the first place, preventing spoilage in the workplace, and how to rid the workplace of bad apples before they spoil those around them. According to […]

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