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First Amendment Bars Claims for Hostile Work Environment Against a Church

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The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeal recently decided a case addressing the scope of the bar raised by the First Amendment against certain types of employment-related claims. In this case, Skrzypczak v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa, Ms. Skrzypczak sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa after being terminated in June 2007, where she had […]

Christine Cave a Speaker for the Center for Nonprofit’s Standards of Excellence Series

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Today, Christine Cave spoke on the best practices for nonprofit organizations in the Human Resources and Financial/Legal Compliance areas. The presentation was a part of the Standards of Excellence series sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. For more information about the series and what it can do to improve your non-profit operations, visit the […]

Christine Cave Introduces GINA

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Christine Cave spoke today to the Great Plains Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management on GINA – the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. She introduced the act and talked about the new obligations of employers related to the use, acquisition, and disclosure of genetic information.

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