The employment law services at Employers Legal Resource Center are founded on three principles:

Building partnerships with our clients

We build partnerships with our clients, taking time to learn about their business philosophy, operations and goals so that we may provide legal services consistent with and tailored to their particular business.

Providing services at a predictable cost

Being able to predict the cost associated with a particular service is just another way of demonstrating that we understand business. As a business person, you want to know exactly what you’re getting and exactly how much you will pay before incurring those costs. In addition to a quote customized for your business, Employers Legal Resource Center provides a host of additional employment-law services on a flat-fee basis. This predictability enables businesses to budget with a fair degree of accuracy their annual legal expenses.

Focusing on Prevention

Prevention is the key to avoiding most employment-related claims and reducing the risk of exposure when such claims are made.




Employer Legal Resource Center was the brainchild of its founder, Christine Cave. A longtime business owner and employer, Christine was well-acquainted with the many hats a small-business owner must wear. After completing law school, Christine was fortunate enough to clerk for then-Chief Judge Robin Cauthron of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. While working at the court, she assisted the judge in evaluating the legal sufficiency of cases assigned to her – the clear majority of which were employment and business disputes. After her term ended with the judge, Christine went into private practice at a defense litigation firm where she defended managers and businesses in employment and business claims.

Eventually, Christine grew dissatisfied with the legal system’s ability to adequately address disputes in the workplace. She became especially concerned about how vulnerable small businesses and nonprofits were and how difficult it was to survive even just one misstep or alleged misstep. Determined to help work with those entities to educate and develop strategies and solutions to their business and employment-related problems, Christine started the Employers Legal Resource Center.

"The employers Legal Resource Center is wonderful! It has helped our business maintain effective, efficient employees. I am absolutely satisfied with the effort given on our behalf and would enthusiastically recommend it to a friend."

- Stacey Ninnes, Executive Director, Neighborhood Services Organization

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